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Film and cinema influences beautiful yacht design: A Q&A with CENTROSTILEDESIGN

With yacht designers, builders and naval architects having recently unveiled an influx of innovative concept designs and exciting new launches at the industry’s major boat shows, Yachting Pages spoke to Davide Cipriani at Italian design studio, CENTROSTILEDESIGN about his inspirations and influences in superyacht design.

What are your biggest inspirations or considerations today in yacht design? 

Inspiration is an emotional wave that is personal to each individual. Obviously there is no single model for all to follow, but I personally follow the paradigm of future, wellbeing and interdependence; three concepts that, if applied at the same time, give the picture of what the contemporary superyacht design has to do.

The design should take not only what we know about the present, but also what will be important in the future into consideration: The design, after all, will be realised in the future and the vision should therefore reflect that. We must also prioritise the wellbeing of guests on board, with ergonomic design to fit the human dimension, physically and mentally. Designs must also be interdependent, as we must assess all the balances that the end product must meet - the market demand cost from customer inquiry to the technology trends of the moment, and so on. 

Who or what are your design influences and why?

Our influences at CENTROSTILEDESIGN range from civil design to interior design, from cars to fashion. Cinema, like design, also has the opportunity to represent scenarios, but without the constraint to stick to reality: This is a challenging aspect that can give us interesting insights.

The film, in fact, is the largest vessel of styles and icons; they come from stories and trends through forms and images. The films "Oblivion" by Joseph Kosinski and “Tron” by Steven Lisberger are ultimately a valuable starting point for me for their use of light and shape. In general however, what inspires us are ideas and projects that have a charisma that lives on today.

What are the main motivations and challenges you face in your design work today?

What we are primarily interested in with yacht design is the search for a combination of aesthetics and purpose of the on board environments in their practical and functional aspect, coupled with the ability to communicate a certain mood and transmit emotions. 

As a result of globalisation, today more than ever, the difference between aesthetics and style is clear: There aren’t unique elements in the emotional reading of a project, but we can choose the message produced by the shapes and colours as an expression of strength, elegance, practicality, tradition, speed and comfort.

The rules that the project must follow are dictated by the reactions that we want to bring forth to the observer, usually the continuity of shape, simplicity, similarity and harmony.

The boating industry today is made up mostly of design eclecticism: Nearly all boats have the presumption to want to please everyone, while with our work we hope that those who choose to work with us do it with their hearts - with the desire to own a unique object, and not for some small technical feature or difference over the competition. 


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