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Fire engulfs Lurssen’s shipyard in Bremen

A major fire broke out at Lurssen’s shipyard in Bremen early this morning, with local media reports indicating that a floating dock and building shed - where a 100-metre plus superyacht is under construction - caught fire.

The fire is said to have broken out at around 2am Friday morning in the floating dock. How the fire started is yet to be determined. Initial reports indicate that three of the decks of the superyacht also caught alight.

An official statement released by Lurssen outlined details of the incident, “In the early morning at approximately 2am a fire broke out in the floating dock of the Fr. Lurssen Shipyard in Bremen-Aumund and on board the yacht within it. The emergency procedures commenced immediately, in the course of which the persons still working on board were evacuated and examined with respect to possible smoke intoxication and the firefighting department and emergency response teams were alarmed.

“Additionally, the whole premises were evacuated. Currently, no casualties are known. At the moment, 110 firefighters and rescuers are onsite, also supported by a team of the Jos. L. Meyer shipyard. Further buildings or other ships were not affected. No statement can be made so far towards the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage,” the statement concluded.

It is being reported by local media that over 100 emergency services and about 35 to 40 vehicles attended to extinguish the fire. Due to the strong smoke, a warning was sent to the residents of the district of Bremen North, a spokesman said.

At the time of publishing, it is believed that the fire has been brought under control and prevented from spreading to other areas of the yard.

No individuals were injured during the incident and shipping traffic has not been restricted.

Update 15/9: Lurssen has released a statement with more information about the fire: "As of this morning (15th September), the fire has been under control. According to the fire department, there is no further danger of the fire spreading, although fire suppression measures will continue for the time being. Currently, about 180 firefighters of the Bremen fire departments and of the surrounding counties as well as the fire department of the Jos. L. Meyer Shipyard are on duty, but are being gradually released."

The statement continued, "We would like to express our sincere gratitude for the tireless efforts and professional response of all those involved, including the fire service, police, the technical support unit, and our own employees. Currently no statement can be made at this stage as to the cause of the fire or the extent of the damage."

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