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Fischer Panda introduces new Panda 4000s marine generator

Fischer Panda has introduced a new 4.0kW Panda 4000s Neo marine generator to its range, designed with in-house expertise to facilitate decreased running noise and reduced vibration on board.

According to Fischer Panda, “The compact, fixed-speed AC generator is the perfect solution for boat owners looking for an easy-to-install unit to provide continuous 17amp output to charge batteries and run a range of domestic appliances, as well as some on-board electrical systems.”

Weighing just 93kg and measuring 550mm by 450mm by 518mm, the lightweight generator is suitable for smaller boats with limited space. It provides 230V / 50Hz electrical power and runs exceptionally quietly at a noise level of 54db(A) at a distance of 7m.

Like the majority of Fischer Panda’s AC gensets, the 4000s is 'twin circuit cooled' via an integral heat exchanger and treated sealed fresh water circuit for efficiency.

Chris Fower, marine sales and marketing manager for Fischer Panda, said, “The Panda 4000s Neo is ideal for boat owners looking for a reliable entry-level generator at a favourable price. Our customers will also appreciate how convenient and easy it is to install and maintain with all the connections on one side.

“It is extremely compact so that it fits in very tight spaces on smaller boats, while the integration of the newly designed Fischer Panda FPE320 engine and sound insulation capsule makes the 4000s the quietest, lightest and smoothest of any fixed speed single cylinder generator, so you can relax while the generator runs.

“The 4000s offers freedom to boat owners as an independent solution away from shore or marina power and can be used to charge your batteries, run domestic equipment such as a TV, laptop, kettle, coffee machine, microwave, vacuum or hair dryer. It can even run a small air conditioning unit, watermaker or diving compressor.”

The Panda 4000s Neo is the latest addition to Fischer Panda’s ‘entry level’ range of compact, lightweight units at 4kW, and is the re-design of the longstanding and popular Panda 4000s FC.

Launched this month, the 4000s Neo will be ready for this year’s ARC (Atlantic Rally for Cruisers), at a typical sale price of circa £3,900 plus VAT.

For more information, visit Fischer Panda.


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