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FLIR Systems secures sale of new M500 thermal cameras

FLIR Systems has reported an extremely positive reaction to its most advanced fixed thermal night vision camera during the recent Monaco Yacht Show 2017.

During the show, marine security systems specialist MarineGuard confirmed an order for four FLIR M500 cameras, which will form part of a "cutting-edge security system" that is currently being supplied for a new-build superyacht. MarineGuard specialises in the integration of technology-based security systems on board superyachts, utilising advanced and appropriate products to increase protection levels for some of the world’s most forward-looking vessels.

Commenting on the launch of FLIR’s M500, Hans Groenenboom, sales director at FLIR Maritime, said, “The introduction of FLIR’s high-end, multi-sensor M500 camera completes our full range of thermal camera enabling us to offer advanced thermal technology solutions to any length of vessel from small tenders up to a high-end security system for the super and mega yacht industry.” 

The FLIR M500 multi-sensor camera is FLIR’s "most technologically advanced camera to date". Its cooled thermal camera and "superior" image quality is said to enable professional captains to discern obstacles and navigation aids with much greater detail, providing them with improved situational awareness and safer navigation around the clock. First responders "will appreciate the long-range target detection, stabilisation, and video tracking for exceptional precision on the water."

For more information, visit FLIR Systems.


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