French oil refinery strikes could affect superyachts in the Med

Concerns are rising that the French labour dispute, which has already caused fuel shortages and clashes between police and demonstrators could now cause fuel shortages in the French superyacht industry.

Whilst protesters continue their campaign against President Hollande’s labour law reforms, which include businesses being able to negotiate the working week from the current 35 hours to a maximum of 46 hours, fuel deliveries from Fos-sur-Mer were suspended for two days.

Panic buying by French motorists has seen many petrol stations throughout France run out of fuel, however despite oil tankers sitting in French ports waiting for striking workers to unload them, the French government has opened their strategic reserves, which is the equivalent of 112 days worth of nationwide consummation across all sectors.

Philippe Falaize CEO of Fioul 83, a specialist fuel bunkering company based in La Crau commented, “There are rumours that this could affect fuel availability in the superyacht industry and I think some suppliers are already investigating their reserves.  But despite the strikes we can deliver at least 600,000 litres of marine fuel per day, and even if the strikes continue we as a company have a personal stock of 1700m3 to draw on, but hopefully it won’t come to that.”

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