Glass Rezz discusses top tips for mirrored glass care

Green glass restorer, Glass Rezz has announced their partnership with Florida Yacht Management in Fort Lauderdale, USA. Yachting Pages Media Group spoke to Sean Gencsy, owner of Glass Rezz about one of his latest restoration jobs since the start of this partnership, an Azimut yacht. Sleek and stylish, the yacht boasts mirrored glass throughout the exterior, Sean explained, “The glass I attempted to work on had heavy acid rain stains and obvious marked areas from whomever had tried to remove them. I attempted to buff the scratches out with no avail.”

This particular type of mirrored glass is constructed with the mirrored effect baked on the exterior, as opposed to most mirrored glass, where the mirror element is embedded within the glass. 

Sean continued, “After researching my findings, I urge anyone with this type of yacht to use only a chamois, squeegee or cotton fibre cloth to dry these surfaces. This glass is extremely porous and very special care needs to be taken.

“That being said I was able to remove the water spots from a test area without the glass becoming scratched. Thus figuring out what should've been done firstly to remove the acid rain stains. I recommend people seek out a professional for glass like this.”

For more information visit Glass Rezz.

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