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Gourmet Deliveries acquires yacht provisioning company EGP

Renowned yacht and villa supplier, Gourmet Deliveries, announced last week that they have acquired yacht provisioning company, EGP, which has been specialising in the provision of duty free tobacco, premium wine and champagne for over 60 years. The acquisition will, according to Gourmet Deliveries, expand their existing services beyond their established expertise.

EGP began in 1951 with the provisioning of the American 6th Naval Fleet and in 1964 went on to establish itself as a supplier of fine yachts and the famous Onassis Family. Over the years, EGP has developed a particular expertise in fine wines, luxury spirits, champagnes, duty free cigars and tobacco products.

According to Gourmet Deliveries, “This will present new opportunities for Gourmet Deliveries to extend the list of what it can offer to its discerning clients. Furthermore, the EGP provisioning services have grown beyond yachts and villas into the private jet and embassy markets, the provision and delivery of diesel oils and maritime diesel. All this makes EGP a valuable addition to the Gourmet Deliveries’ long established network of resources and suppliers in the luxury food market.

“With unique expertise in international yacht provisioning of the freshest fruits and vegetables, Gourmet Deliveries also specialise in supplying yachts and villas with the finest food, beverages, household products and toiletries. Beyond that, Gourmet Deliveries has its own bread artisans and an in-house florist. Combined together, EGP and Gourmet Deliveries create a powerhouse in yacht provisioning.”

For more information, visit Gourmet Deliveries

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