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Gourmet Deliveries offers seasonal provisioning tips in France

Creating delicious and nutritious meals for discerning superyacht guests is no easy feat, especially when the yacht is berthed in a remote bay miles from a French supermarket.

It's widely accepted by professional superyacht chefs, however, that the key to successful yacht food provision is forward planning. Life can be made easier by keeping things simple and including seasonal fruit and vegetables in menus wherever possible.

As the French Riviera remains a leading summer yacht charter destination, leading yacht supplier Gourmet Deliveries has compiled a list of top ten seasonal fruit and vegetables grown in the South of France; see their tips below.

  1. Tomatoes can be used in numerous recipes or are delicious eaten on their own, with a subtle hint of basil. Both tomatoes and basil are grown in abundance in the South of France, and the former are particular sweet there, as they are ripened under the sun.
  2. A bowl of freshly picked apricots serve as an ideal snack. This popular fruit is grown in France and can be sourced locally.
  3. Melons in the South of France are sweet, juicy and perfect for a healthy breakfast or served at lunch with Parma Ham; both are products that can be ordered via a yacht supplier.
  4. Look at any rural scenery in the South of France at the beginning of summer and you will find cherry trees laden with ripe, juicy cherries.
  5. Also grown in abundance and perfect for snacks, or as ingredients in sweet or savory dishes is the fig, from another tree which adorns the French countryside.
  6. Les haricots verts are a staple part of many meals in France, and local beans are perfect for a summer day’s lunch.
  7. Local peaches are great as a desert, snack or for that first Bellini of the evening – peach juice with champagne.
  8. In early summer one of the most delicious vegetables grown locally is asparagus; delicious with a dab of butter or poached egg.
  9. Another vegetable grown in abundance in the green houses and on the terraces on the Cote d’Azur is the radish, which the French love to eat with butter too.
  10. Finally, don’t forget to order locally grown strawberries from a gourmet yacht provisioning company, which guests will never tire of.

Gourmet Deliveries' team highly recommend that in order for seasonal fruit and vegetables to reach the superyacht in perfect condition, produce should be sourced directly from local sources. This reduces the likelihood that it has been displayed on shelves or a heated environment.

Gourmet Deliveries is one of the leading superyacht provisioning services on the French Riviera, with staff on hand 24/7 to deliver produce all year round, from Saint Tropez to Saint Barts.

For more information, visit Gourmet Deliveries

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