Green GO2 Diesel Fuel Powers ‘Revolutionary' Powerboat Record Attempt

Adventurer Alan Priddy has opted for an environmentally-friendly fuel for his round-the-world powerboat record attempt, later this year.



Priddy’s boat, Accomplish More will be powered by Cerion Energy’s DAME Award-winning GO2 diesel fuel additive when he embarks on the Company85 Global Challenge.



The Challenge is Priddy’s bid to design and build the fastest and most efficient wave-piercing powerboat to circumnavigate the globe.



If successful, Accomplish More will not only break the existing 60 days 23 hours 49 minutes powerboat record (currently held by New Zealander Pete Bethune) but also the 45 days 13 hours 42 minutes sailing record.



Alan Priddy’s ultimate goal is to achieve the fastest-ever surface circumnavigation of the world. The Company85 Global Challenge is scheduled to take place in the UK in Autumn/Winter 2012.



The adventurer already has 37 World Records, 12 National Records and various achievement awards to his name, including for crossing the Atlantic in record time.



“All the way along, we've been at pains to explain that the Company85 Global Challenge powerboat Accomplish More has been designed to be as fuel efficient as possible,” said Alan.



“GO2’s proven ability to improve fuel efficiency up to 14% will be incredibly valuable to the Challenge. The primary motive behind our interest in GO2 is to get the greatest range that we can on one fill of fuel, and thus cut down on time spent in port.



“However we also hope that GO2, together with the range of new technologies we’re bringing together, can show a way forward to develop ever-more efficient vessels for the future.”



Alan’s vote of confidence in GO2 is a great coup for the fuel’s manufacturer, Cerion Energy.



“We’re delighted that Alan has the confidence in GO2 to make it an integral part of his World record attempt,” said Landon Mertz, General Manager of Cerion Energy.



“He is an engineer at heart and quickly understood the science behind GO2 and how it will benefit him during the challenge.”



Cerion Energy expects the GO2 fuel to make “a huge difference” to Priddy’s record attempt by reducing Accomplish More’s total fuel consumption by up to 14%. The fuel is also expected to reduce the craft’s soot by up to 40%, unburned hydrocarbons by up to 70% and also make significant reductions in other emissions.



Cerion Energy’s team will undertake extensive sea trials once Accomplish More is launched. This data will be used during the Challenge itself to drive Accomplish More at her highest possible average speed, taking into account the reduced fuel burn rate due to using GO2. 



“Our 30,000 litre fuel tanks are the primary factor in determining the average speed that we can maintain on each leg,” said Alan Priddy.



“Using GO2 will enable us to make that fuel go a great deal further, or to maintain a much higher average speed. Its overall impact on our prospects for success in our World record attempt is nothing short of revolutionary.”


For further details visit Cerion Energy


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