Gulf Craft enters the 50+m superyacht market with the Majesty 200 and Majesty 175

Gulf Craft has announced plans to start manufacturing luxury yachts in the 50+m market, marking the Emirates-based builder’s entry into the exclusive league of global superyacht manufacturers.

The announcement was made yesterday at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) on board the 48.5m superyacht Escape, where Gulf Craft also revealed the new concept designs for the 61m Majesty 200 and the 53m Majesty 175, which are both ready to be constructed upon order with an exceptional degree of owner customisation. 

The Majesty 200 marks Gulf Craft's ambitious move into the market, and will be built using the latest engineering technology. Meanwhile, the Majesty 175 will be completely produced using advanced composites, expanding the possibilities of using such material for the production of superyachts. 

The news follows on the heels of Gulf Craft’s European debut of its flagship superyacht, the Majesty 155, at the Cannes Yachting Festival earlier this month, to which the builder reported an “overwhelmingly positive response from visitors and prospective owners”.

According to Gulf Craft, the designs of both the Majesty 200 and Majesty 175 include an “abundant list of remarkable features”, including retractable helipads, opulent interiors, beach clubs, and extensive lounging and entertainment areas. 

Mohammed Hussein Al Shaali, chairman of Gulf Craft said, “Gulf Craft has grown and evolved with its customers. We identified the milestones that lie ahead and set out to realise them. Yet we did this while simultaneously listening to our clients, learning from them along the way, and using these insights as the source of inspiration behind each one of our creations.

“Our aim is to continue redefining superyacht production using advanced composites to a size once thought impossible, all the while creating bespoke cruising experiences for our customers. Our ceaseless determination has led to this very moment, one where research and development meets megayacht design.” 

Erwin Bamps, Gulf Craft’s chief executive officer, said the decision to venture into the world of superyachts comes as a natural progression for the company, which for more than three decades has been helping seafarers explore the world’s waters with its expanding portfolio of oceangoing yachts.

He explained, “Gulf Craft’s spirit has always been one of great ambition. There were challenges to the size of yachts we can build, but we strived to overcome these limitations – in the last three years alone we successfully launched the Majesty 155, the Majesty 135, and the Majesty 122, and we have received multiple successive orders for each.

“Today, rising private wealth combined with growing worldwide interest in the yachting lifestyle, and a strong desire to spend more time on water, is creating an emerging demand for products that can deliver the ultimate luxury cruising experiences in both engineering and design. And now, with the introduction of the Majesty 200 and the Majesty 175, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, redefining the possibilities of yachting, and transforming our customers’ most lavish seafaring aspirations into reality.”

The Majesty 155 is continuing its journey through the French Riviera, with a showcase at the Monaco Yacht Show. Earlier this year, Gulf Craft’s flagship superyacht won the coveted CEDIA Award for ‘Best Yacht Installation’, and the shipyard recently received a second order of the Majesty 155, which it is aiming to deliver by next year. 

Guests can visit Gulf Craft’s superyachts in the T-Central area at MYS, where the manufacturer is also showcasing its latest tri-deck superyacht, the Majesty 110 – yet another European debut that offers owners three decks of copious, semi-customisable space.

For more information, visit Gulf Craft.


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