High resolution data logging made simple

Dyena, a leading provider of shock and vibration monitoring systems, has now announced the launch of a high resolution data logging system. Dyena PRO simplifies long term recording of vessel structural accelerations, providing scientific data without having to trawl through months of spreadsheets. When an event occurs above the programmable threshold, raw data from before and after the event is stored in a single file alongside the daily overview spreadsheet and a Google Earth 3D map trace.

The Dyena PRO unit constantly monitors the shock and vibrations received by the vessel structure and stores the data to the onboard solid state memory, alongside position, speed, heading and time. Sampling at 1200 Hz, recording the peak and RMS averages every second and storing individual daily records stored alongside a Google Earth 3D map trace, this provides the user with a concise and easy way to interpret an overview of vessel operations.

Raw data is continuously buffered and when a significant event is observed Dyena PRO records the accelerations leading up to the event as well as those afterwards at 1200 Hz, providing the user with the complete record of the relevant acceleration data. There is no longer any need to review a mass of spreadsheets, as any data from events that exceed the user configurable threshold are presented in a clear and formatted manner with all the information in a single file along with the daily overview spreadsheet and 3D map trace, meaning the user can build up a complete picture of the vessels use and the cause and effect of any incident.

The compact, rugged unit will store up to 10 years of data, providing the user with a detailed record of any structural events, as well as an indelible log of the vessels' use and operating characteristics. This data can be examined at anytime for the details surrounding any accidents, or simply to provide the owner with a record of operations. Prices start below £1800.

Current users of Dyena systems include the UK Royal Navy, US Navy, Sunseeker and RNLI.

For more information, visit Dyena.

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