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How the recession actually helped some European businesses…

Family run business Motonautica Vert, based in Palma de Mallorca are best known for providing world-class mechanical support and maintenance on luxury yacht tenders.

However this was not where the business started. Arturo Vert created the company in 1968, making them the oldest marine business in superyacht hub Palma de Mallorca. Arturo Vert’s love for the sea and all things nautical was developed when he worked for a German marine company early on in his career. With his expert German mechanical training he then brought his knowledge back to Palma de Mallorca and specialised in the sale of new motor boats, supported by an offer to mechanically maintain the purchase.

During the 2008-2010 recession sales of new boats decreased rapidly. With excellent business foresight Motonautica Vert focused on the maintenance and storage of superyacht tenders. They still provided a new build range; however expanding their company during the recession pushed them to develop the mechanical and storage subdivision. Happily, through a combination of loyal customers and the ease of having one company to deal with, this has resulted in the number of clients they have had since then, increasing year after year.

Carlos Vert, Arturo’s son and CEO of Motonautica since 1997 said, “We have the full package, you can buy your brand new tender from us or choose to allow us to maintain and store your existing purchases. When other companies need to subcontract, Motonautica Vert provides all services using our own employees. We have cranes and trucks that can pick up and deliver tenders at the time requested by the client. We provide a 24/7 service. At the end of the day everything goes in one single bill, there is only one company in charge of absolutely everything. And that’s Motonautica Vert.”

Today they focus on the world-class service that they provide to superyachts. Most of the captains they work with will leave Motonautica Vert to take care of all aspects regarding their tenders. When a captain takes his superyacht to be refitted, they will normally bring their tenders with them. Motonautica Vert will give them a spread sheet with all the options available, and the captain will just check the services they want, be it mechanic, paint, electrical, engine services, storage or general maintenance.

Today they provide the official mechanical servicing for Yanmar, Mercury, Mercruiser, Yamaha and Mastercraft and Windy boats. They are also well known also for the restoration of classic Riva wooden boats. As a one-stop-shop they have it all and for those who choose to purchase their tender directly from Motonautica Vert, they will receive unparalleled service.

To find out more please visit Motonautica Vert

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