Huisman Etech Experts wins contract for Heesen hybrid Project Nova

In attendance at the METSTRADE show at the Amsterdam RAI Centre this week, Huisman Etech Experts has announced that it has signed a new partnership to work on the development on Heesen’s revolutionary hybrid superyacht, Project Nova.

Working together with Heesen Yachts, Huisman signed an agreement with Visedo Marine on the first day of the show to deliver all e-drives and inverters for Heesen’s 50-metre hybrid superyacht. According to the brand, this new hybrid system was developed in a partnership, and will set new impulses for the yachting sector.

Sharing more details of the project, Huisman announced that the new hybrid solution will allow the captain to choose from four different propulsion modes whereby, depending on the mode chosen, the diesel engines, the main generators or e-generators will each take a different role.

Speaking exclusively with Yachting Pages, Rob Huisman, co-director of Huisman Groep explained, “Quiet Cruising Mode allows the yacht to cruise at a speed up to nine knots, which allows for comfortable operating inside the port, or smooth sailing along the coast. In this mode, it is solely the e-generators that deliver the power for propulsion. 

“Economic Cruising Mode delivers power for cruising up to 15 knots, on the diesel engines. In this mode, generators for the hotel are switched off, with only the MTU motors running. Alternatively, in Diesel Cruising Mode, the generators deliver the power for the hotel and the MTU engines speed up the yacht to 16 knots. 

“Finally, Boost Mode, just like a real F1 car, allows the captain to use the boost button to add the e-power drives for extra speed allowing almost 17 knots to be achieved.” 

The partnership with Visedo Marine surfaced during the development stage, when Huisman Etech Experts and Heesen found the Finnish-business to achieve high performance coupled with less volume used by equipment. The Visedo components used will therefore be fitted into the custom-build cabinets and manifolds aboard Project Nova, manufactured by Huisman.

The first details of Project Nova were revealed in a Heesen press conference at the Monaco Yacht Show (MYS) this September.

For more information on Project Nova’s hybrid system, visit Huisman Etech Experts.

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