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INTELblast launches new vacuums for superyachts

Leading yacht cleaning supplies company, INTELblast, has announced the launch of their new line of vacuums, targeting yacht crew performing every day cleaning on board superyachts. According to the brand, the new range of vacuums, or ‘hoovers’, some of which come equipped with battery-powered technology, allow for more manoeuvrability around a superyacht.

The first option in the range, the Professional Backpack Vacuum Cleaner, comes in battery/electric-powered options and is intended to improve the efficiency and effective cleaning of small and restrictive spaces.

Luke Murphy from INTELblast commented, “This particular ‘backvac’ is so great for yachts as no cables are being strewn all over the place, so it vastly reduces the risk of tripping, snagging etc. It’s an ergonomically designed vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and easy to use. The cable version has more than three times the power of the battery version, and has the added bonus of being a ‘backvac’, but with a cable.”

Also available in the range, the Professional HEPA Vacuum, is an electrical powered vacuum cleaner, which is very small in size and minimises the noise level. Luke explained, “This model is very small, quiet and powerful, with the most important feature being the HEPA (high efficiency particle absorption) filter, which offers a 99.9% filtration of dust being released back into the ambience.”

Finally, the Professional Wet and Dry Vacuum is another electrical powered vacuum cleaner that is slightly larger in size than the HEPA Vacuum, allowing it to double as a traditional vacuum cleaner as well as a ‘wetvac’.

Luke explained, “These products bear all yacht crews needs in mind, and I think that the crew will find the vacuums perfect for the everyday cleaning on board the yachts. Whether you are a crew thinking to ‘refit’ the interior appliances of your superyacht, or a professional thinking of maybe becoming a distributor, you can contact us today.”

The vacuums range from 199 euros to 695 euros, excluding IVA (VAT).

For more information, visit INTELblast.


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