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International Paint revamps and extends boatcare range

International Paint, a brand of AkzoNobel, is dedicated to keeping topsides looking fantastic and is introducing additional products to its Boatcare range within the European market. The individual products work together to provide boat owners with a comprehensive range of flexible systems to clean, restore, protect and maintain the paint finish.

Newly designed packaging clearly identifies all products across the 10-strong product range, of which six are new. Boatcare now comprises Super Cleaner, Stain Remover, Liquid Rubbing, Marine Polish, Polish and Wax, Marine Wax, UV Wax Sealer, Boat Shampoo, Teak Restorer, and Teak Oil.

There are four systems within the Boatcare range. For general care, the ‘Quick’ system comprises Super Cleaner, Polish and Wax, and Boat Shampoo. The ‘Thorough’ system is created using Super Cleaner, Liquid Rubbing, Marine Polish, Marine Wax, and Boat Shampoo. Alternatively, for the ‘Ultimate’ care system when a boat needs that extra attention, use Super Cleaner, Stain Remover, Liquid Rubbing, Marine Polish, UV Wax, and Boat Shampoo. Specifically for wood, International Paint recommends using the Super Cleaner, Teak Restorer, and Teak Oil as a complete system.

Super Cleaner is a concentrate that removes stubborn stains, or can be used diluted for general cleaning of gelcoat, paint, teak decks and other hardwoods. Additionally, it will remove any unwanted wax. If there are stubborn rust or waterline stains, Stain Remover should also be used after the Super Cleaner. This is a thick gel that is applied and then rinsed off after 10 minutes.

There are several products for restoring and protecting, depending on the requirements of the boat owner. For general care or if the owner is time-limited, Polish and Wax comprises both abrasives and a wax in one quick and easy solution. Alternatively, Liquid Rubbing, which contains medium abrasive particles, is used if the condition of the boat’s surface has scratches or any damaged surface material.

After Liquid Rubbing, the ultra-fine abrasives within the Marine Polish smooth out and help to produce a high gloss finish on painted surfaces. This is followed with Marine Wax, which is applied and buffed to protect and create a dirt-repellent surface. Ahead of long durations in the water and for extended protection, the UV Wax Sealer is also used.

For maintenance of waxed surfaces, International Paint recommends regular cleaning. Boat Shampoo is a gentle liquid designed to keep surfaces clean and water repellent without removing the protective wax.

The International Paint Boatcare range also comprises products specifically for teak decks and other hardwoods. Teak Restorer cleans and restores to bring the natural colour back to life. Teak Oil enhances and protects the natural beauty of the teak and other hardwoods, as well as contains a rust inhibitor to protect metals.

The complete Boatcare range provides boat owners with easy-to-use products to care for all exposed surfaces aboard.

Visit International Paint for further informtaion.

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