JOSEPH’S luxury toilet paper passes Jets™ Systems tests for use on board

JOSEPH’S Toiletries, a boutique manufacturer of luxury hygiene products, has announced that its luxury toilet paper has successfully passed further flush and disintegration tests for safe use on board superyachts.

Growing in popularity in the yachting industry due to its innovative toilet technology and flexibility, JOSEPH’S approached Steinbach Ingenieurtechnik GmbH, a Jets™ Sanitary Systems service provider in Germany, to carry out the flush performance tests which has cleared it for use on many vacuum toilet systems.

Sabrina Risch, JOSEPH’S Toiletries CEO explained, “Becoming more and more health and hygiene conscious, consumers want more than just dry toilet paper on board, as they are increasingly used to wet wipes from their own households. We have therefore developed a toilet tissue that is natural and flushable like normal toilet paper, but allows for moist usage like a wet wipe.

“On board there is nothing worse for a guest than a blocked toilet, and for the crew than a blocked pipe. We therefore recently approached Steinbach Ingenieurtechnik to carry out the flush tests to ensure that our products won’t cause any trouble within the vacuum sanitary systems on board.”

The criteria for testing included analysis of how fast a single sheet separated into layers, how long it took to dissolve further, and the time needed for full disintegration in sewage systems. The volume needed to block the pipes, drain line and bowl was also tested.

Tests were carried out on popular Jets™ wall and floor-mounted vacuum systems, with Vacuumarator pumps of 15MB and 50MB respectively, to find that JOSEPH’S toilet paper was disposed of similarly to that of normal tissue.

Sabrina continued, “In the beginning we were not aware of the special USP we had for yachts. JOSEPH’S toilet paper was originally certified for household toilet systems in terms of flush and dissolvability, so, although we have since carried individual real-life tests aboard yachts >40m, we next wanted to ensure that we were tested on the vacuum systems of the major players in the industry, such as Jets™.

"This is important as the vacuum systems on board are much more sensitive to wet wipes and alike compared to household systems. A vacuum bowl on board uses approximately 1.5L of water versus the 6 to 10L at home, and the diameter of the pipes is also much smaller. Therefore we have worked to offer the ‘best of both worlds’ – a toilet paper that doesn’t block the sewage systems, but allows for moist cleansing with a tissue. 

“We have of course offered crew free tissue samples to test themselves, but due to the high interest we received after the first sampling with Yachting Pages Delivers along the Cote D'Azur, we wanted to be able to build crew trust on a broader base, and therefore contacted the main producers of vacuum sanitary systems to take on the challenge.”

For more information, visit JOSEPH’s Toiletries, or contact JOSEPH’S for more information on test results.

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