Kohler’s newly designed Decision-Maker 3500

Kohler’s newly designed Decision-Maker 3500 (DEC 3500) controller is equipped with paralleling software and load-management software – allowing for automatic paralleling of two generators without the cost and extra footprint of switchgear.

Frank Formas of Kohler Power Systems said, “While load requirements have increased due to advanced electronics equipment, onboard space is still at a premium. Our new paralleling controller matches power capacity with load needs to eliminate under-loading and over-fueling, while conserving space, decreasing fuel costs and reducing equipment maintenance.”

The DEC 3500 offers a newly designed customer interface for easier data entry and retrieval.  Advanced features include bus sensing, first on logic and synchronization.  It can be operated in one of three paralleling modes: P-gen (Kohler-patented), droop, or V-bias/S-bias. In P-gen mode, just one communication wire enables paralleling, making repowering easier. With droop or V-bias/S-bias, the controller can parallel with existing load-share modules, which provides shipbuilders with multiple design options. Built-in load management software automatically monitors power needs, dropping the second generator when power is light and bringing it automatically online when load increases. This eliminates under-loading and over-fueling, the root cause of fuel-on-the-water issues. The controller also offers remote monitoring from anywhere on the vessel and features potted circuit boards and sealed connectors to protect against water and environmental corrosion.

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