Lantic Entertainment Systems introduces most intuitive user interface yet

Lantic Entertainment Systems, the only company specialising in the development and manufacture of bespoke integrated entertainment systems for luxury yachts, has announced additional upgrades to its user interface to make it even simpler and more enjoyable to use. 

Visitors to METS 2012 will be able to experience the new user interface on its stand 10.415 located at the heart of the superyacht Pavilion.

While Lantic is well known for the cutting-edge sophistication of its equipment it is also a firm believer that it is the quality of its user interface that distinguishes it from its competitors.  Lantic believes its user interface is the most versatile and intuitive to be found anywhere in yacht entertainment systems today.  Such is the nature of modern AV systems that guests on board superyachts never see the individual components that make them up, with the exception of the screen and perhaps the speakers.  It is the user interface that they experience, and a confusing and frustrating experience can discourage individuals from using their systems and can even ruin an entire trip.

Lantic continually listens to feedback from yacht owners on their AV systems and their likes and dislikes, and this most recent revision is a considered and comprehensive response to the comments from owners and captains. 

Navigation has been improved by removing unnecessary information relating to the current content playing, thereby allowing a clearer view of the options available for the next choice.  Certain labels have also been amended to make it clearer exactly which content sources are available.

Play music while you browse

Another new feature is the dual-use ability for all non-visual players (music, radio, public playlist etc.) to continue playing in the background while the owner or guest navigates and browses through visual content such as weather, ship’s information and the internet. This makes for a far smoother and more pleasurable experience, and a ‘now playing’ link in the control option menu ensures that the user can return to their entertainment with a single click.

A range of additional features including the ability to select individual artists and play all their available content have also been added to further enhance the Lantic experience and ensure that even first-time users can enjoy the full potential of any system within a few minutes of first picking up the tablet, smartphone or control.

Lantic’s Peter Bouman commented, “We continually look at ways that we can update the user interface to take account of new technologies and evolving preferences.  Even the very best equipment is of limited value if those trying to use it find it difficult to access or the presentation of information unattractive or confusing.  It is a top priority for us and we will continue to seek the opinions of owners and integrators to ensure that we remain at the forefront of this critical area.

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