Lantic introduces discrete and energy efficient feature to its cabin control software

Lantic Entertainment Systems has introduced a new feature to the cabin control software that forms an integral part of Lantic’s integrated entertainment systems.  

Command Control allows the control of air conditioning and lighting in one or more cabins and locations across the yacht from a single point.  Local systems can be switched on and off, lighting schemes initiated and varied, and temperature and fan speeds adjusted on air-con units.  Across the board settings can be implemented for multiple locations with a single command, or just one zone effected if required.

Air conditioning and lights can often be left running at full power when guests have left to go on deck or ashore.  The ability to shut off the lighting or reduce the temperature to a more moderate level when areas are no longer occupied can deliver appreciable savings in fuel consumption and reduced emissions.  The fact that this can be done without the need to enter cabins or leisure areas serves to enhance privacy for the owner and his guests and makes any changes all the more discreet.  As this can be accomplished in just a minute or two from a single point, and reversed when required in the same time.  It is also a highly efficient use of crew time and resources.                                                                                              

Peter Bouman of Lantic Systems said, “The fully integrated nature of the Lantic systems allows us to introduce innovations like this on a continual basis.  All that is required is a software upgrade for the media server plus an update for the app, both easy to download via a boat’s on-board communications.  New functionality can be up and running literally within hours of becoming available online, however far the yacht may be from land or civilisation.  Few if any companies can match our ability to develop and roll out upgrades quickly and conveniently to our worldwide customer base.”

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