Lantic introduces foreign language options for the first time

Lantic has become the first AV manufacturer to include a foreign language option within their user face. Up until now, audiovisual system user faces have only been available in one language - in most cases, English. Due in part to the dominance of US and British manufacturers in the international market, but also to the fact that such a large proportion of the population has familiarity with the language.

Lantic Entertainment Systems has recognised however that this is simply not acceptable in the superyacht sector where the expectations of the customers are for everything to meet their personal needs without compromise. English is of course used widely by such individuals, but owners and their guests value and appreciate the personal touch that comes with the provision of onboard communications in their native languages.

Lantic has therefore introduced an upgrade to its operating system that allows users to switch between the standard English commands and descriptions that are displayed on-screen and an alternative language at just the touch of a button. The first language to be available is, as the result of a client request, Russian in full Cyrillic script. Other languages will become available over time and on request.

Peter Bouman from Lantic said, “As well as ensuring that the software is fast and capable across the full range of menus we have gone to great lengths to ensure that the translations are colloquial. The objective is to make the user feel completely at ease.”

The language facility is just two clicks away from the welcome menu, allowing crew to quickly make the necessary changes around the yacht before new guests arrive. As an added touch, Lantic’s iconic RC1 remote control - still very much in demand alongside the Lantic control app for smart devices - is now available with Cyrillic characters and will be in other languages in the future.

Peter Bouman continued, “This new feature, unavailable with any other AV system, will be particularly appreciated by operators of charter boats and by owners with international guest lists. It delivers that added touch of quality that indicates that a yacht and its crew value the cultural diversity of its visitors and are prepared to go that bit further in making them feel welcome.”

For more information, please visit Lantic.

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