Leadinius online management platform is launched

I.T. Moves It, an international software development company has recently launched LEADiNiUS, an online yacht management platform, which the founders claim will change yacht management forever.

LEADiNiUS has been designed for managers, captains, providers and owners to utilise, the name is a combination of the words lead and genius.

LEADiNIUS uses totally new technologies; the aim of the company is to solve problems related to yacht management in an easy and global way.

I.T. Moves It said, “It is an amazing all-in-one tool, composed of specific modules for each task. LEADiNiUS is easy to use, reliable, adapts to users and speaks their language...no more the other way round.

“Today, yacht managers have to use several programs and applications to manage a fleet; some use up to 6 or 8 non-dedicated programs. We found they experience significant problems to exchange and import/export data between incompatible software, not to mention the cost to adapt and maintain such proprietary software. Transfer of information and real-time communication is not easy either.

"You can see at a glance all you need to know on your yacht, her operation, charters, invoices and cash boxes. Monitor all administrative, legal, financial, operational and commercial components, including the related owning company.”

LEADiNiUS is a web-based platform running online in a modern browser on any computer (PC, Mac, Linux), or soon as an App on IOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

For further information visit, www.Leadinius.com

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