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Liangyun Equestrian Club joins SO! DALIAN 2015

Liangyun Equestrian Club will be joining SO! DALIAN, a beach polo and marine lifestyle event in Northern China, which is scheduled for 18th to 21st June 2015.

As a strategic partner of the event, Liangyun Equestrian Club will bring equestrian activities to the show, including the second edition of China's Beach Polo World Cup.

Liangyun Equestrian works closely with the French Equestrian Federation (FFE), governing the qualification system for horse riders in France and Europe. Over the four-day event, Liangyun Equestrian Club will also provide morning horse-riding initiations for teenagers visiting the show with their families.

On this occasion, Liangyun Equestrian Club will introduce GALOP, an internationally recognised equestrian training system in Europe for teenagers, which will be used in every equestrian club opened by the Liangyun Group.

Pony horses from China and overseas will provide training and contribute to training riders to high levels. According to the Liangyun Equestrian Club, their main objective behind GALOP is to create a perfect harmony between the riders and the horses.

In addition to this close partnership, for the first time, SO! Dalian organisers have announced the presence of an equestrian pavilion. This pavilion will provide a 360-degree introduction to the universe of horses. The pavilion will be developed in partnership with Cecile Azadian from Azadian Equine Services.

Delphine Lignieres founder and CEO of China Rendez-Vous commented, "As one of the most influential actors in the industry in China, we are proud to partner with Liangyun Equestrian Club to enhance the equestrian activities and I would like to thank Mr. Wang Yongbin for their strong support."

For more information, visit SO! DALIAN.

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