Lighting specialists experience a superyacht surge

Lighting specialists and designers are seeing a market boom because of the all-time high number of superyacht refit projects and revolutionary new LED lighting products now available, according to lighting specialist Savage Marine.

With the increase of superyacht refit projects, many owners and designers are choosing to upgrade their yacht and their lighting to LED and take advantage of new technologies.

Thomas Mika of superyacht interior lighting experts Inspirit Solutions commented, “LED technology has given rise to a completely new generation of lights: ones that are compact, fuel-efficient and durable.”

LED technology allows lighting to be used in an unlimited array of bespoke and state-of-the-art concepts. Julie Clark from leading superyacht lights and lighting consultants Savage Marine explained, “One yacht wanted all their exterior lighting changed so that the boat was illuminated in pink flashing lights, this was so the owner could find/identify their boat in the dark.”

Julie Clark added, “The last two years have been Savage Marines best to date. Superyacht refits are a big focus for us at the moment and even though our new build market still remains strong, the recession changed the type of customers we have and how we have to do business with them.”

Aquamass Design has used LED’s in another way. They provide luxury bathtubs including the ‘Big 25 D-Lighting’ tub. This bathtub is of a translucent plasticryl finish and features LED lighting, making for a distinct feature and a popular choice for superyacht owners.

Savage Marine works with Yachting Pages to offer its services to superyachts worldwide.

For more information, visit Savage Marine, Aquamass Design or Inspirit Solutions

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