Lumotics announces new standalone LED driver for superyacht lighting systems

Lumotics Marine, a leader in the design, build and installation of lighting control solutions for luxury yachts, has introduced a new standalone universal driver unit for basic LED lighting systems.

Drivers play a vital role in marine lighting systems by regulating the current to ensure smooth operation of the individual lighting fittings. The new SA LED Driver delivers reliable, cost-effective, flicker-free lighting for dimming LED light fittings.
The SA LED Driver has been developed by Lumotics to provide an alternative to the built-in drivers that come as part of many light fittings available today. These can be prone to overheating given their proximity to the bulb and board, so the use of an external driver reduces the likelihood of failure and prolongs the life of the fitting.
The SA LED Driver is designed for use in any area of the yacht where the owner does not feel the need for special lighting controls except for basic dimming. This might include the bridge, crew quarters, the engine room and other working zones, or the entire yacht where special lighting themes are not required. The drivers are generally used in conjunction with Lumotics’ Switch Magic 0-10v controller which has four output channels, each of which can operate up to 20 drivers via standard momentary (push for on, push for off) switches. 

Initial demand has included two motoryachts over 50m and a recently launched 30m cruiser-racer sailing yacht. 
The fact that the units are inexpensive and straightforward to retrofit with minimal disruption have been an added factor in their popularity.
For more information on the SA LED Driver and Lumotics Marine, call +44 (0)23 80 98 26 02 or go to

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