Lumotics pioneers multi-colour options on single light rope

Lumotics Marine has developed an innovative solution in superyacht lighting that brings new versatility in the delivery of dynamic lighting scenarios while delivering time and cost savings at installation.

The development process was launched in response to an enquiry from an owner who wanted to explore the possibility of running a single light rope through both exterior and interior areas of his yacht that would be able to deliver fully configurable mood scenes in terms of both colour and effects. The objective was to achieve an ambience that was both elegant and adjustable to the various events that would take place on the yacht.

This project specification presented a significant challenge. Normally all the fittings on an individual rope can only illuminate in a single colour at any one time, so Lumotics had to devise a solution that would combine the simplicity of a single rope installation with the technical versatility of a multi-rope set-up.  

The technical team considered a range of possibilities before designing and manufacturing a system based around a fully addressable RGB light rope. This was achieved by the addition of an RGB LED chip with built-in processor to each individual light strip, thereby allowing the individual control of each fitting. With all the LEDs individually addressable the client is now free to create any lighting effect he wishes, including a gentle graduation of colour across the entire yacht.

This is the first time that such a solution has been incorporated in a yacht, and it has brought with it additional benefits.

As the installation was part of a refit, the disruption to the yacht had to be kept to a minimum. The need to fit just a single light rope contributed significantly to that objective. The light rope itself was also specified at 60 LEDs per metre providing a rich, high density effect. A light board has also been built that allows the client to view images and scenes with a greater pixel count than most of the matrix LED panels currently available on the market, and as it has been custom-built Lumotics has been able to meet the client’s exact size requirements. Another of the light rope’s features is its capacity to be completely customised and its compatibility with most Lumotics’ controllers, including the Lumotics Sound 2 Light system. This unit allows the user to programme a background of gently graduated sound reactive lighting along with many other audio-responsive effects.

The Lumotics software allows the programming of eye-catching features and scenes according to the client’s preferences and added capabilities such as that of immersing any space in beautiful visual variations including moving scenes such as gentle waves of lighting. Different colour sequences can also be achieved within a cabin or public space together with the graduation of colour using existing light fittings.

Lumotics continually evaluates emerging technologies in order to identify opportunities for the integration of new advances into its products. This enables the company to look ahead at the possible future needs of the superyacht market and design innovative, high quality products to ensure that clients have access to the most advanced solutions possible. This latest project demonstrates how Lumotics’ specialised service, together with its ability to supply the extrusion mounting of the strips and control systems, enables it to meet the needs of clients who come to them with requests for solutions that are not otherwise available on the market.

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