Luxury tableware and interiors: The Royal Suite Collection from Stefano Ricci

Stefano Ricci, the luxury Italian design house specialising in fine Italian menswear and bespoke interiors, has celebrated a profitable end to 2014 by launching the 'Sea Line' of the prestigious Royal Suite Collection – a tableware and interior accessories range designed especially for luxury yachts.

The success of the menswear line first inspired the diversification of the Stefano Ricci brand in 2012 to include a range of furniture, furnishings and interior accessories - branded by the design house to be a collection of ‘pure lines, precious linens and timeless design’ – and, more recently, a ‘Yacht Division’ which offers custom interior design services for superyachts. 

According to the design house, the Royal Suite Collection straddles the line between art and innovation, design and tradition, complimenting and enhancing the experience of ocean cruising.

Looking to the sea for inspiration, freedom, escape and relaxation, the collection is executed with the same exquisite craftsmanship and Italian style that is expected from the Stefano Ricci brand, including porcelain, crystal and silverwear as well as leather accessories and home linens. 

Notable pieces of the Sea Line include the Weave Décor tableware collection, which boasts a beautiful woven design that is applied to the finest bone china with 24 carat gold and 98% platinum foil detailing.

This pairs perfectly with the porcelain animal accessories of the range, which can be featured as the centerpiece of stunning tablescapes, or added as decoration to the yacht interior, and the Stefano Ricci established 925 silverware lines of ‘Elisabeth’ and ‘Satin’.

The new line also includes two types of glasses, hand-engraved crystal with Maison’s cashmere motifs, dedicated to Florence’s noble Pitti and Tornabuoni families, and with the stem of the glass lowered in order to gain more stability when on board a yacht at sea. 

The fine textiles, cashmere blankets of intense colours, lined fur blankets, hand-woven tablecloths, embroidered linen bed sheets and the finest veil curtains of the Royal Suite Collection finish the interior accessories range with great elegance.

With a Stefano Ricci suit reportedly taking some 60 hours to make, it’s said that each piece of The Royal Suite Collection also often takes more than 50 hours of work to create. 

For more information, visit Stefano Ricci.

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