Marex by Vetus introduces a flush panoramic sunroof

Boating is a synonym for freedom. All over the world, people participate in boating as the ultimate feeling of freedom – free to go wherever you like. Marex by Vetus now introduces an extra dimension to this feeling with the new flush panoramic sunroof!

This new sunroof is the only truly flush sunroof on the market. By truly flush, Marex mean no protrusions and no slide rails visible on the roof. From the outside, when the roof is closed you can see only curved tinted glass, but no frame.

The sunroof is all glass and therefore offers a panoramic view even when closed. This gives an extra dimension of freedom. Enjoy the benefits of a solid glass roof when you prefer to keep the weather out, or enjoy the sun and the breeze through the fully open panoramic roof on a beautiful day.

The Marex sunroof is a fully automatic panorama roof developed and produced using the latest state of the art techniques, components, and materials. As a result, the sunroof operates both silently and smoothly.

The sunroof frame is made from AISI316 stainless steel with powder coating and can be installed in a roof made from any material. All components are suitable for use in seawater conditions. The panoramic roof frame and the glass panel are curved with a radius of 12 metres. The toughened and laminated tinted glass is 11.2 mm thick, making it very strong. Sea or rainwater is drained from six large diameter drain points in the frame. Just connect hoses to these drain points and no water will be left in the construction.

For more information please visit Marex by Vetus

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