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Marine Toys & Tenders announces the launch of new superyacht water go-kart

Marine Toys & Tenders has announced the launch of the JETPAD water go-kart to the marine leisure and tourism industry, naming it ‘the toy of 2015’.

The JETPAD combines modern technology with a traditional go-kart driving style in order to create a personal watercraft, which the marine business brands to be ‘fast, fun and convenient’ as an ‘eco-friendly water go-kart that can be safely driven by anyone’.

James Econs, managing director at Marine Toys & Tenders explained, “We at Marine Toys & Tenders have been closely following the development of the JETPAD for the last three years and I believe it is just what the industry needs.” 

The JETPAD uses a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system that allows users to enter a personal ID, which allows the watercraft to be pre-set according to ability.

A dashboard of safety features, including a pre-set speed limit and anti-collision technology, ensures that the water toy is safe and easy to operate by anyone over 140-centimetres in height, with the settings manageable and adjustable from the shore or from the deck of a yacht. The all-electric craft is fully charged in 60 minutes meaning more time to spend on the water.

Econs continued, “The JETPAD will make the perfect addition to any luxury yacht or resort and the child-friendly aspect will appeal to many. Also, the fact that it’s battery powered and eco-friendly means that it can be welcomed in places likes the British Virgin Islands where noise restrictions are in place.”

The craft accelerates from 0 to 30kph in three seconds with a range of 24km. CE certified as ‘C’ ‘Inshore’ classification, it can be used in reasonably sized waves and can perform wave jumps, tight turns and spins, driven like a go-kart. 

Being 100% Lithium Ion battery powered, the JETPAD is the first emission-free and noise-free product of its kind. ECONS explained, “The JETPAD epitomises innovation – the progressive thinking in environmental responsibility and safety is a winning combination, not to mention how fun it is! We are really proud to introduce this incredible toy to our clients first.” 

Marine Toys & Tenders will deliver the first units of the JETPAD later this month. 

For more information, visit Marine Toys & Tenders.

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