MATRiX RsS to launch non-lethal tactical vessel defence system

Over half of piracy and armed robbery attacks at sea succeed because of human failure in lookout and threat response tasks; MATRiX RsS Ltd (Remote Sentinel Systems) has therefore developed technologies that that they claim allow vessels to achieve close to 100 percent accuracy in 24/7 detection, monitoring and deterrence.

The British company’s new product line, POSSUM, when used in conjunction with their current MATRiX monitoring and detection system which allows complete land control of the vessel in question, will utilise tactical defense capabilities by introducing a proprietary ship-mounted, local and remote controlled, non-lethal capsaicin fog release and propeller fouling system to deter unauthorised boarding and stop approaching small crafts.

According to MATRiX RsS, POSSUM is a non-lethal anti-boarding system designed to be a simple and effective solution for stopping attackers without lethal force, with a cost of 15% of armed guards.

Michael J. Scott, founder of MATRiX RsS and inventor of the new POSSUM series commented, “All past efforts at combating piracy have been chasing a global problem, never to get ahead of it. A radical rethink of what part of the problem to solve opens for the first time the possibility of getting ahead of the problem.”

MATRiX RsS works in conjuction with Tactique

For more information, visit MATRiX RsS or Tactique

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