MERT Worldwide releases three step training method

MERT Worldwide, a leading provider of emergency response training for yacht crew worldwide, has released a new three step training method. The Auckland based company has recently posted on its website the new three step method it uses when training maritime crew.

An outline of the method can be found below.

Step One – Introduction. They will develop a training schedule in consultation with the client, possibly visit the ship to better understand your specific training needs, and therefore create a training program specific to each individual boat.

Step Two – Training. This involves facilitating a training program which will train a specific task, which MERT refers to as ‘Circuit Training’. The circuit training will practice or refresh a specific task, for example wear Breathing Apparatus Safely.

Training also includes reviewing each ships current standard operating process (SOP), an example being ‘Engine Room Fire’. This review is conducted using key crewmembers from the ships Emergency Organisation.

Step Three – Emergency Drill. This involves planning and executing emergency drills that encompass all prior training and learning. A ‘Snap Shot’ will be provided of the ships ER capability, with a full report highlighting strengths and weaknesses.

They have also produced a sample training schedule. Read the full article on MERT Worldwide.

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