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MML announces new refit planner app

In response to a cry from the industry for improved planning around superyacht refits and a greater degree of precision in cost estimates, New Zealand-based project management specialist Marine Management Limited (MML) has announced a new app to help superyachts to plan and manage their refit projects.

The app, called RefitPlanner.com, allows senior crew to liaise with the team as they look to plan and budget refits more efficiently.

Matt Liddell, MML business development manager commented, “The issue at hand transcends the superyacht industry. Even with the commercial and naval sectors, people don’t adequately prepare for refits. This may happen for a variety of reasons, such as being too busy with guests or simply not truly appreciating what adequate preparation is.

“What we are saying to our clients is, ‘You can do a whole lot better and we can help you’. Firstly, many people leave planning a refit too late and once you leave it too late you don’t have enough time to gather all the relevant information.

“Secondly, when you think you’ve gathered all the necessary information, 99 per cent of the time you haven’t and this reflects poorly on the final price.”

The new app, which acts as a data collection tool, aims to significantly reduce issues associated with refit, such as cost overruns and poor planning. Crew can document refits and upload text and images while communicating with the MML team via an internal messaging system to keep things running smoothly.

Liddell continued, “These pictures, that ordinarily a shipyard might not see until the yacht actually visits, will be provided labelled beforehand and the shipyard can begin pricing based on evidence. Once a job has been approved according to its category, we provide 24 questions that basically ask, What is it? Where is it? What do you want to do to it? What materials do you need? And so on. They are all very simple questions, but they are questions that are often overlooked. You can never have too much information.”

For more information or to trial the app, access the app store on your iPad, search for "refitplanner" and download the app. Alternatively visit MML, or watch a demonstration of the RefitPlanner.com app. 

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