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Moonen’s 97 Nimbus undergoes extensive refit

Yacht builder Moonen has announced that its motoryacht Nimbus, from its 97 range, is undergoing an extensive refit at its shipyard in the Netherlands.

Nimbus was originally launched in 2011 under the name Alaska, measuring 30m long, but was recently sold to new owners. According to Captain Christophe Junca, who is overseeing the extensive refit, the new owners had previously owned high-end sports fisherman yachts, and were looking for something “more comfortable and spacious” where they could spend extended periods on board.

In an interview on the Moonen website, Junca spoke about the owners’ desire to remould Nimbus to their own tastes and requirements, and mentioned a renewed sense of optimism at Moonen. He said, “It’s been great to arrive at a new cycle of life for the yard… everything is running smoothly and the owners have added extra work as the project has progressed.

“Everyone is doing a great job, including all the subcontractors – you feel very confident here as a captain because of the long-lasting relationship between Moonen and its co-makers.”

The refit, according to Junca, includes renewing 90% of the yacht’s interior, upgrading audio-visual systems, as well as bridge navigation and communication. Junca explained, “We’re leveraging on the latest engineering thinking at Moonen in terms of noise and vibration attenuation, adding special air cushions on the generators, making changes to the main engine exhaust, and mounting all pipes and hydraulics on rubber anti-vibration and anti-noise brackets.

“Lots of improvements are being made on the power management front, we’re rebuilding the mast to fit the new navcom devices, and installing 4G Wi-Fi. Add in a new paint job and a custom designed bimini for the aft deck and you have quite some work.”

He continued, “Each Moonen has her own character and every owner their own input on how life is spent enjoying time on-board. It’s been interesting to watch over the years how things change in terms of the way people are sailing and the different owner wishes. When you come to a yard like Moonen you know these diverse requirements can all be met and it’s a real pleasure to work with the craftsmen here again!”

For more information, visit Moonen.

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