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MTN Nexus™ to transform at–sea communications

Connectivity and content demands are escalating among cruise passengers and crew. To ensure that cruise operators stay ahead of that demand, MTN Satellite Communications has announced the launch of MTN Nexus.

MTN Nexus is the company’s next–generation communications network; a hybrid network that builds on a 30–year legacy of satellite connectivity leadership and innovation.  This new network will deliver sophisticated computing, caching and security infrastructure to deliver high quality connectivity and communications services at sea and in port.

Errol Olivier, CEO and president of MTN said, “There is no communication network like MTN Nexus in the world.  For 30 years, we have innovated new ways to deliver connectivity and content where no terrestrial wireless or wire line networks could connect vessels far out at sea.  But passengers and crew no longer accept limitations – they want to stream video, post their updates on Facebook and share vacation images with friends … or even family members sailing with them on the same ship. 

“MTN Nexus bridges the gap between land–based and sea–based connectivity and content delivery.  Today, we are launching a solution that will enable our cruise partners to cater to their always–connected passengers and crew.”

According to a recent Business Insider report, consumers expect to be connected everywhere, as evidenced by the more than 2 billion people online today via Internet devices. Smartphone sales overtook PC sales in 2011, and Business Insider also cites social networking as the second most popular mobile application in terms of consumption per minute.

Today these trends reflect vacationers’ expectations – to keep their devices with them, to keep them on and to keep them connected.

MTN Nexus integrates three components that, until now, have never been combined into one maritime communications solution:

  1. A hybrid satellite and terrestrial wireless network
  2. A cloud computing–based optimization platform
  3. New products and services enabled only through this hybrid solution

“The demand for bandwidth will never go away; however, how bandwidth is managed and delivered on a vessel or fleet of vessels can simplify the delivery of smooth, reliable service,” said Simon Bull, senior consultant, COMSYS.

 “The MTNNexus solution, integrating satellite with a terrestrial network and combined with throughput efficiencies, introduces a smart solution for meeting passenger and crew demand.”

The powerful combination of the MTN Nexus hybrid network, coupled with the MTN ShipCloud platform, will enable the delivery of a communication and content products suite specifically optimised for maritime use to deliver social media solutions, content and calling apps for a more enjoyable at–sea experience.

In addition, because MTN Nexus is an open platform, MTN products, as well as cruise–specific products and products from third parties, can be integrated for complete optimisation and delivery.

Today, MTN is launching its next–generation network to the cruise market, but it will ultimately expand these capabilities to other key markets that demand the same connection, content and user experience as on land.

Olivier added, “Bandwidth is only part of the solution to the connectivity demands we see every day from our cruise partners.  The complete solution is an integrated hybrid communications platform specifically designed for the cruise market to further enhance the total user experience. MTN’s next–generation network, built on a worldwide infrastructure, will minimise costs, maximise throughput, optimise operations and deliver the greatest profitability to our partners.  

“MTNNexus is a purpose–built solution to deliver the at–home experience at sea and in or near port.  We know this market better than anyone, and we know how to solve the problems.  MTN Nexus will forever change the way we all think about communications at sea.”

For further information, visit www.mtnsat.com.


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