Multiplex Unveils Pioneering ‘Yacht Awning with In-Built Lighting’ System

An innovative new sun awning system which provides lighting as well as shade has been unveiled by Multiplex of Bremen, Germany.


Awnings, canopies and covers are fitted aboard superyachts to keep passengers, decks and furnishings cool and shielded from the sun or rain. Yet Multiplex’s new system, billed as its “latest innovation”, also produces its own light source.


The new Multiplex system is fitted with its own integrated lighting to provide illumination when the sun has gone. The awning is fitted with 3W RGB LED lamps in a choice of colours which produce reflected beams at a 40° angle.


Multiplex specialises in composite light weight constructions made out of fibre for superyachts. The company’s new product is the latest example of how awning designs are meeting the more extravagant tastes, and growing demands, of superyacht owners and users.


In January, Multiplex unveiled its inventive new ‘rail support' for superyacht awning systems. The rails can be flexibly fitted without infringing a boat’s structure.


Such innovations point towards a bright future for the awning product markets despite the ongoing recession.


Several countries in the European Union (EU) are supporting the awnings industry to help reduce energy consumption and dependence on oil imports. Meanwhile, China and India’s emerging yachting cultures should also bring growth to the awnings markets.


See to find out more about awnings, canopies and covers for superyachts.


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