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New from Intellian At Mets 2013

Intellian, one of the world’s technological leaders in marine satellite antennas, has launched new satellite communication and entertainment systems for the leisure yachting market. The latest products on display at METS include a new TVRO antenna for larger yachts requiring global uninterrupted TV coverage. Intellian is also showing its new software for remote monitoring and control of Intellian VSAT antennas and the 3-Axis TVRO systems.

New Intellian s80HD WorldView™

The dual-band 3-axis Intellian s80HD WorldView™ TVRO antenna has been developed to provide the user with access to HD TV in the Mediterranean as well as when travelling to and from the Caribbean as well as in North America.

Featuring the latest Intellian developed LNB technology, the 83cm (34inch) dish s80HD WorldView™ antenna incorporates Ku-/Ka- band WorldView Trio LNB (Low Noise Block-Down Converter) with triple feed horn, which enables HD and SD TV to be watched anywhere in the world. The antenna simultaneously receives two Ka-band satellite signals and one Ku-band signal for DIRECTV® North American programming, enabling all channels to be watched simultaneously.

It is very simple to set-up and there is no requirement to purchase multiple LNB modules, reconfigure complex systems and manually change an LNB inside the antenna dome each time the vessel crosses into a different satellite service region. The user simply selects a satellite television provider and connects to a satellite receiver to enable the WorldView Trio LNB to automatically switch frequency depending on the region the antenna is operating in. It is also easy to connect to different satellite receivers for TV viewing on multiple TV screens, making installations on large yachts stress-free.

New Intellian Mobile App

Intellian has launched a mobile version of the new Aptus™ graphical interface based software to enable users and operators to have direct connection to their antenna’s operational data wirelessly via the unit’s built-in Wi-Fi network.

Aptus displays a simple to understand graphical dashboard that allows logging, recording and fine-tuning of the antenna for optimum performance. Through logging the antenna’s parameters, the user and integrator can monitor the system and see the performance in real-time. This data logging and performance monitoring will also help the integrator to track the status of all antennas operating on their system.

Aptus provides multiple views to monitor and control the antenna. The views provide varying levels of information, such as graphical antenna position, set-up data including sensor inputs, satellite information including tracking frequency and LNB setting, graphs illustrating the signal, heading and elevation angles, and a monitor listing all data that is being received by the ACU.

The Aptus Mobile App is available to download at the Apple App Store here

v100GX VSAT Antenna

With the immediacy of the upcoming launch of Global Xpress™ (GX) Ka-band broadband service from Inmarsat next year, the dual-band compatible Intellian v100GX 3-Axis VSAT communications antenna is also being shown. Already used by hundreds of vessels and service providers, the v100GX has been designed from the ground up to provide unparalleled performance for both current Ku-band services as well as Inmarsat’s upcoming Global Xpress™ Service.

Fleetbroadband Hardware

Launched earlier this year, Intellian has introduced three new solutions for the Inmarsat FleetBroadband (FB) networks with innovative new features and stylish design radomes. The FB150, the FB250 and the FB500 comprise a robust and feature-rich product line supported by Intellian’s industry-leading three year warranty. All three terminals include a broad range of IP and networking related value-added features such as IP routing, Firewall capability and vessel fleet tracking.

Please visit Intellian For more information.

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