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New Hydropath Technology to drown out water care competitors

With the support of Hydropath Marine Limited, HydroFLOW U.S.A. LLC has introduced a one-of-a-kind water conditioner, which is set to revolutionise water care on yachts and superyachts by using the patented and eco-friendly Hydropath Technology.

The Hydropath Marine device tackles the harmful effects of limescale, bacteria, algae and bio-fouling that builds-up in yacht equipment such as auxiliary saltwater cooling systems, main saltwater cooling systems, diesel fuel piping systems, reverse osmosis and freshwater systems.

Hydropath’s environmentally friendly water conditioners were originally designed, over 20 years ago, to treat limescale-related problems in residential plumbing systems. After years of research, Hydropath Technology evolved into a leading technology, which provides chemical-free solutions to a range of industries, now including the superyacht industry.

Tal Journo, CEO for HydroFLOW U.S.A. explained the difference between this and traditional chemical water conditioners, “The difference between Hydropath Technology and other physical water conditioning technologies is their induced signal and its ability to continuously condition the liquid solution throughout an entire system. Our water conditioners induce an electric signal of 150 kHz into any pipe containing liquid on which they are installed. Testing shows that compared to other technologies, Hydropath Technology is much more efficient and effective.”

The main benefit for yacht captains and chief engineers is the improved operation, reduction in maintenance, and most importantly a reduction in downtime, achieved without any harmful chemicals.

Michael Henson from Yachting Pages Media Group, who is working closely with HydroFLOW U.S.A., commented: “With a proven record in other industries, I believe it is simply a matter of time before this technology becomes the industry standard.”

Tal added, “With this technology installed on yachts and superyachts, systems will be capable of running more efficiently for longer, meaning yacht owners can minimise outgoing costs due to systems not needing to be opened up, cleaned and repaired costing labor and downtime. A return on investment is generally achieved by yachts in one maintenance cycle.”

HydroFLOW U.S.A. is an American company that distributes Hydropath Marine’s patent-protected water conditioners in the U.S.A.

For more information, visit HydroFLOW U.S.A. 

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