New marine association announced to bind top Italian nautical companies

Yesterday, reports emerged that a new marine association had been formed in order to bind a combination of top Italian nautical companies. Nautica Italiana will represent 25 brands, focusing on the development of the nautical industry within the country and its influences abroad.

Founded by leading Italian nautical manufacturers to lay the groundwork for international strategic development and growth, Nautica Italiana will bring together top firms from the sector, who will work to reaffirm the marine industry’s credibility, increasing presence at industry events and developing a system to monitor the industry’s performance.

The association will be led by board members who were appointed by the associations founding members; Lamberto Tacoli will act as chairman, with Luigi Alberto Amico, Cataldo Aprea, Fabio Boschi and Giovanna Vitelli standing as vice chairpersons. Finishing the board, Corrado Salvemini will be the group’s director, with Lorenzo Pollicardo as general secretary. 

Speaking yesterday, Lamberto Tacoli, chairman of Nautica Italiana said, “Today, in the prestigious location of Panorama in Milan, where we were honoured to present our association, we were literally surrounded by the history or Italian craftsmanship.

“The history traces its roots to the strong culture of beauty, uniqueness and harmony that combine with the ingenuity and vision that throughout the centuries have enabled Italy to generate innovation in all arts and industries. Part of this history of excellence and innovation in the Italian industry is written daily by companies in the nautical sector, which the new association now provides a major opportunity for growth and chance to regain the international stature that they deserve.” 

As part of the group’s efforts to align with like-minded companies, Nautica Italiana has affiliated with Altagamma, the Association of Italian High-End Companies. This relationship will forge links to the fashion, design, food, hotel, jewellery and automotive industries in order to pursue possible synergies.

Andrea Illy, chairman of Fondazione Altagamma said, “Eleven of the brands represented by Nautica Italiana have chosen to become members of Fondazione Altagamma, and this is an honour for us, because the Italian nautical industry can boast unique expertise and achievements at the global level.” 

The logo for Nautica Italiana was yesterday unveiled to clearly convey the identity and objective of the association, designed by Nascent Design.

For more information, visit Fondazione Altagamma.

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