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New marine diesel-exhaust cleaning system by Northern Lights

Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine power generation and propulsion, has announced a solution for the removal of soot and particulate matter often associated with diesel powered equipment – DECS.

DECS, or Diesel Exhaust Cleaning System, is based on DCL International’s revolutionary MARINE-X™ system.  DECS removes particulates as they are emitted from the engine. Air and water quality in and around the vessel are vastly improved, offering a clean, enjoyable environment.

When equipped with DECS, exhaust gas is routed through a catalytically coated ceramic filter. Soot is trapped and the filter is kept free of restrictions.  DECS uses a passive regeneration process; the Northern Lights generator functions as normal while particulate matter is continually burned off using the heat emitted by the engine’s own exhaust.

At a conservatively rated exhaust gas temperature of 300°C, the soot burns away and transforms into harmless CO2.

DECS’ modular steel housing and removable elements are designed for the marine environment.

DECS is CARB Level 3 verified and NO2 compliant, and is custom engineered to be application specific to best fit the engine room configuration and individual filtration needs.  The fully featured monitoring system records critical engine information while meeting or exceeding classification society requirements.

Colin Puckett, director of marketing at Northern Lights said, “DCL International’s emissions control technology has been proven to be effective on a global scale.  Northern Lights is the global leader in marine power generation and propulsion. Together, DECS will provide an ideal solution for the new generation of yachts that will be managing exhaust systems using safer, more practical and reliable technology.”

For further information about Northern Lights and DECS visit www.northern-lights.com

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