New marquetry artwork shown at Monaco Yacht Show 2013

Silverlining has recently revealed a new 1.3metre high wood marquetry artwork called ‘Eye for Detail’, which was on display at the Monaco Yacht Show this last week.

The artwork references peacock feathers which are re-interpreted in an abstract way using digital design and technology. Peacock feathers have different meanings depending on the culture of the people where they are found. According to Hindus, they represent patience, good fortune and kindness. The ancient Greek believe the eyes in the feathers represent all seeing knowledge.

The above is certainly true as extreme patience was needed to digitally design, cut and assemble the 3,100 plus individual pieces of veneer, and exacting knowledge was required to through dye the 9 different shades of English Sycamore as well as inlay the 5 different types of 23 carat gold leaf and mother of pearl.

Mark Boddington, founder of Silverlining commented, “Although subtle, the screen has more and more detail as you approach - the gold leaf changes from bright yellow gold to warmer moon gold and the micro-marquetry only gets more intense as your eye is drawn up the artwork to the central white mother of pearl peacock eye.”

The artwork was part of Silverlining’s New Thinking, New Making exhibition at Monaco, detailing unparalleled materials, exacting techniques and new finishes to stimulate the imagination of owners and designers when considering artworks and furniture for their super yachts and houses.

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