New private movie theater at Diva Monaco

DIVA has created an exceptional six seat movie theatre in its showroom at the heart of the Principality of Monaco. Among the very best of the Cinema industry, this screening room is equipped with unique and patented technologies. DIVA invites future clients to visit the showroom for a special audio-visual demonstration.

Pascal Claeren, artist and designer, signs DIVA’s private movie theatre creation. Pascal attended “Ecole Boulle” and he dedicates all his talent and creativity to his clients, so each of his creations is very unique and becomes a masterpiece. An amazing and surprising experience, DIVA perfectly reproduces and transcends the emotions and sensations of a movie.

DIVA provides a 4K/3D projection, ultra high technology, thanks to professional materials developed by industry leaders. Thanks to such equipment, DIVA can broadcast in its private movie theatre and in every screening room of its clients. The quality reached is more than ten times the one you can find on a Blu-ray disc; deepness in colorimetric and sound dynamics become extreme allowing a total immersion into the movie.

Usual movie theatres, private or public, use micro perforated screens because the audio system is behind the screen and the sound goes through it. Each hole is a black point on which no picture can be projected. On the contrary, DIVA, Showmax Cinema partner, uses non perforated screens for a full picture and a real gain in the quality and precision of the picture. The sound stays behind the screen but it is inducted into the room by an amazing induction system. So there is a perfect match between the picture and the sound. This system is of course compatible with Dolby 5.1/7.1 and DTS HD.

DIVA is avant-gardiste with screening rooms already compatible with future 3D sound mixes. So the surround effects are doubled and new speakers appear like in the ceiling. Add to that a 4D sound system bringing a physical touch to the experience and you are immersed into the Cinema.

Please visit DIVA for further information

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