New Vegan Superyacht training company launches

2014 has seen the start of a new unique superyacht business, specialising in educating and training crew to deal with specialist dietary requirements on board. The brand new company, named Vegan Superyacht and based in the French Riviera, offers specialist training to superyacht crew on anything from gluten free foods to specialist vegan dishes.

When talking about the reasons behind the formation of the company, Angelika Fürstler, creator of Vegan Superyacht said, “Vegan Superyacht is my start-up because I was fed up with eating salad where the chef simply left out the chicken when I was a guest on a yacht or at private parties.”

Angelika also commented, “It’s not only chef trainings and private VIP services that I offer. Here I am looking at an entirely uncovered niche market and even though it might be small now, this is a trend that will grow throughout the years simply because “wealth means nothing without health” and everybody will enjoy rejuvenating, delicious and beautiful food that makes you feel lighter, clearer, more vital and supports your health.”

With the many different and broad ranging dietary requirements of today, Vegan Superyacht offers the chance for yachts to make sure they are fully prepared and equipped to deal with these.

Angelika went on to say, “Our participants, whether yacht chefs/private chefs/chief stews don’t have to be strictly vegan or have only vegan guests to benefit from the trainings, consultations, or buy our world-wide sourced products. It’s all about enriching, broadening the horizon, learning & expanding one’s skill base & creativity.”

For more information contact Vegan Superyacht.

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