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Norwegian electric vessels designed to cause zero environmental impact on fjords

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) have been specially designed to offer a fully green sailing experience that respects nature. This has evolved from a continued partnership between Nidec ASI, the Nidec Industrial Solutions platform, and Brødrene Aa, the Norwegian company that builds state-of-the-art ships.

The alliance has created the Seasight IV, the latest vessel developed by Brødrene Aa, that has been fitted with a BESS which allows the ship to sail electrically and completely silent. The Seasight IV will run without producing any polluting emissions whilst guaranteeing maximum respect for the marine ecosystems and sailing that is safe and reliable.

Norwegian Parliament has made the decision to restrict the movement of vessels within fjords unless they are electric, creating zero-emission waterways that will truly benefit the health and wellbeing of the marine and local population which will be put in place by 2026. It has been calculated that during just ten hours of a cruise ship stationary at a quay, it produces around the same CO2 as 25 medium sized cars in a year.

Seasight VI is a catamaran created to a unique design that has been inspired by the Norwegian zig-zag pathways up mountain slopes. The vessel is also designed to give passengers the chance to admire the scenery of the Norwegian fjords on external decks that are surrounding an internal lounge.

The brand-new vessel is in testament to the third successful collaboration between Nidec ASI and Brødrene Aa. They have already designed and launched two catamarans; one fully electric Future of Fjords that won the Ship of the Year award 2018 and one hybrid Vision of the Fjords. Both vessels carry tourists along the coast of Norway providing a new and more sustainable approach to tourism.

Dominique Llonch, CEO of Nidec ASI and chairman of Nidec Industrial Solutions, declared, "Seasight IV truly represents the future of sailing: a very low impact vessel that fits in with the landscape and respects the ecosystem in which it operates. I am therefore delighted that it incorporates customized solutions by Nidec."

Seasight IV has been supplied with data recording equipment, the battery management system and a closed-circuit air-cooling system.

Nidec is becoming a leader in energy transition, and is pioneering the movement towards an increasingly green and sustainable maritime sector.

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