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Ocean to Ocean Yacht Transportation Launches Global Yacht Transportation and Full Concierge Service

Ocean to Ocean Yacht Transportation, Inc., the industry’s newest brand of yacht transportation companies, is now here and open for business.


Providing the only full port-to-port yacht transportation and concierge service in the industry, Ocean to Ocean prides themselves on their wide range of services that not only consist of the professional lifting, loading and transport of their clients’ yachts, but additional services, which include their complimentary: survey and inspection, deck cargo planning, tender service, portside operations, full concierge services and marina, hotel and airline booking.


Officers of the company offer extensive experience in the marine and yacht transportation industry. Senior vice president of sales, Ken Baker, states, “Ocean to Ocean strives to be the premier provider of global yacht transportation and concierge services. We are going to adhere to higher standards of safety, steadfastness and loyalty; all to the outcome of an exceptionally satisfying experience for our clients.”


“Ocean to Ocean attends to every detail when it comes to both owner and vessel. It includes the professional method used in lifting the yachts, to our full concierge services and completion of customs paperwork”, says senior vice president of sales, Jeanine Salica, adding, “We are here to make customer service priority one. From our precision trained, highly skilled portside engineering team, to our superior sales and operations staff, customer satisfaction is our precedence.”


For further information regarding Ocean to Ocean Yacht Transportation, Inc., including its competitive cost schedule and global travel routes, please visit www.oceantoocean.biz

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