Oceania Marine Group have launched their Marine Green Initiative

The Oceania Marine Group of companies deliver a diverse range of services to the superyacht industry and has experienced a rapid expansion in size and scope of services over the last four years and is set to grow further in coming years.

In parallel with this growth Oceania Marine has established the philosophy and ethics for governing how it does business. The Oceania Green initiative is the result of this process.

Martin Gleeson, managing director of Oceania Marine explained: “As Oceania Marine grows in size and complexity it has become apparent to us that we need to enlighten interested parties about the ethics and green standards that drive our efforts to provide client satisfaction. Our shipyards have stringent environmental, health and safety standards and for the group to be successful in meeting those standards they have to become part of our culture and fabric.” 

The Oceania Green website outlines this aspect of the groups profile with links to the specialist websites. Protecting the environment and managing waste in a green and sustainable fashion is a major goal for the group as is striving to make the shipyards a healthy and safe place of work.

To assist vessel owners, contractors, shipyard visitors and the general public to get information about Oceania Green they have created a web portal www.oceaniagreen.com.

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