Odour free, volume-reduced and airtight waste packaging

vacompact is providing an alternative for waste-processing; compared to conventional packaging with trash compactors, vacompact is vacuuming and reducing the waste volume by up to 50%.

vacompact handles 90 or 60 litres of waste volume; the top loader complements large kitchens or storage rooms on yachts and superyachts. The smaller front loader fits in all kitchen units.

The system is odour free, airtight and disinfects the garbage bags, which means that germs and vermin are not a problem.

Tear-proof vacompact garbage bags offer easy storage options.  Rubbish from the galley, sanitary garbage, dirty laundry, working clothes and cleaning wastes, such as oily rags, can be safely stored until disposal ashore.

Marianne Rusch, PR executive for vacompact said, “The hygienic waste packaging which vacompact provides offers a pleasant climate on board while supporting the responsible conservation of nature”.

For further information about vacompact visit, www.vacompact.com.

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