Offshore Systems' bigger screens for integrated display alarm and digital switching systems

Offshore Systems’ recently introduced integrated display alarm and control system has just extended its product offer with the addition of two bigger screens to the system, a 19 inch and a 22 inch model.  Each are part of a fully integrated on board control system which operates via the NMEA2000™ network.  The screens can be installed as part of a console or positioned anywhere in a vessel to display monitored data of every function from fuel levels to cabin temperatures.
The new bigger screens increase the choice of display monitor size which have until now included the highly successful 10 inch and 15 inch screens.  The two new individual state of the art displays with custom designed display interfaces supply a wide range of information data.
Bruce Coward, Offshore Systems’ managing director explains, “The development of these larger high definition screens has been driven by customer demand. Offshore Systems is currently consulting, designing and installing on increasingly large and higher specification yachts, and demand for larger display stations is growing.”
The sunlight readable capacitive touchscreen displays allow all the vessel’s systems to be viewed and controlled with a simple touch on single or multiple displays at the helm and elsewhere.  The display images are totally tailored to match the vessel’s style, interior colours and presentation requirements, as would be expected on luxury yachts and commercial vessels.
Offshore Systems creates monitoring equipment from sensors and accessories through to complete consoles of multiple screens, such as the futuristic BlackGlass™ bridge display, whose display screens are all programmable to be interchangeable in set up.
Coward adds, “We are continually evolving a one-stop solution in providing displayed information from every on board function, and we support our customers well beyond the sale process,”
All of a vessel’s resources can be displayed such as fuel, fresh water, grey water and black water tank contents, electrical power systems voltages and load, main engine, and generator instrumentation, and security and safety systems status.
The vessel’s DC power and AC Power circuits can all be controlled by the system allowing full digital switching of all power circuits with full load measurement and load balancing as the vessel requires
Modular sensors are simply connected to the network backbone cable and are positioned where needed, dramatically reducing the weight, cost and complexity of the vessel cabling.

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