Offshore Systems introduces new 21.5 inch display and control system screen

UK-based Offshore Systems has introduced a 21.5-inch screen to its Integrated Display Alarm and Control System HD display range.  The ultra bright, state of the art screen joins the product range that is part of their fully integrated on-board control system, which operates via the NMEA2000™ network.

The screen’s custom-designed display interface shows a wide range of data, which is all sharp, bright and visually advanced whilst being easy to read. The new screen can be installed as part of a console or positioned anywhere in a vessel to display monitored data, from fuel and water levels to pressure and cabin temperatures.

The 21.5-inch screen boasts the same high specification as Offshore Systems’ other compatible screens including the 10, 15 and 20-inch sizes.  The first 21.5-inch screens have been produced to integrate into the on-board monitoring system of one of the world’s most prestigious superyachts, which is currently nearing completion of a refit in the Mediterranean.

The sunlight readable capacitive touchscreen displays of the 21.5-inch screen allows all the vessel’s systems to be viewed and controlled with a simple touch on single or multiple displays at the helm and elsewhere.  The display images are tailored to match the vessel’s style, interior colours and presentation requirements.

The 21.5-inch screen is fully compatible with Offshore Systems’ existing components including monitors, gauges and senders.  The development of the screen is a typical response to the type of demand that the company is experiencing for larger display stations. 

A screen of this type can stand alone or be part of a complete console of matching streamlined multiple screens, such as those fitted as part of Offshore Systems’ futuristic complete BlackGlass™ Bridge display, whose display screens are all programmed to be interchangeable.

The vessel’s DC power and AC Power circuits can all be controlled by the system allowing full digital switching of all power circuits with full load measurement and load balancing as the vessel requires.

Modular sensors are simply connected to the network backbone cable and are positioned where needed, dramatically reducing the weight, cost and complexity of the vessel cabling.

For more information visit Offshore Systems.

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