Palma de Mallorca the place to be for refit

Yachting Pages has been auditing each and every shipyard around the globe ready for the launch of the new Yachting Pages Refit Guide and when they stopped by Palma they were very impressed with the skills and services on offer.

Michael Adams from K & M Maritime told Yachting Pages, “We have recently finished a total refit of M/Y Paramour with Pure Superyacht Management. This included extending the swimming platform by 2 metres, extending the hull, completely refitting the interior and many other interesting alterations. We are very proud of our work on M/Y Paramour, especially as she is currently a finalist in the World Superyacht Awards 2013 in the Rebuilt and Refitted Yacht category.”

Ruben Doñaque is another premier provider of specialised Lloyd’s certified welding, metal repairs and fabrication in Palma de Mallorca and is just one of the businesses that takes advantage of the local shipyards which can haul up to 700 tons and have the necessary facilities to do a successful refit.

Ruben Doñaque also known as The Welding Workshop,  has a rich history of metal working in the marine industry. The family have been in Palma for over 20 years and prior to that, welded their way around Venezuela for 40 years. Ruben arrived in Palma in 1990 and was one of the only people who could weld stainless steel and aluminium, paving the way for a thriving industry which now has plenty of competition.

The company will work on any sized project, large or small and each job get the same expert level of attention. They were recently commissioned to make baby gates for the Motor Yacht Eminence (photos attached) and the quality of workmanship was just as important for this job as a full refit or rebuild.

Desirée Doñaque from Ruben Doñaque, “There are a number of reasons why Palma represents the ideal destination for your yacht’s refit. Mallorca has great aerial and maritime connections with main land Spain and the rest of Europe, meaning articles and prime materials can be sourced very quickly. However most suppliers for repairs, maintenance and refits are located nearby which not only facilitates communication between suppliers but also speeds up the delivery of projects as a whole.”

Palma is well placed for passing yacht trade on the way between seasonal sailing grounds, and STP, the refit facility in Palma is an open yard which allows the yacht crew the choice of who they work with. This open policy encourages local companies to bid for work via the shipyard.  With competition high standards have risen considerably  because every business needs to be the best in the industry to compete at a superyacht level.

Pierre Oberon of Palmawatch S.L added, “Palmawatch can offer a workshop inside STP with direct access to yachts on the hard or at a mooring, professional staff who have been drawn to the area’s long term relationship with superyachts, and the option to use one of our project managers, or bring in an external project manager of their choice.”

In just the last 10 days Palmawatch have applied antifouling on an Oyster 100, dropped 2 rudders and the keel of a Feeling yacht, cleaned the heat exchangers and coolers of 2 Yanmar engines and installed a new Onan Generator, which shows just how busy, and versitile they are.

Expertise, location and a can do attitude seems to be winning over an ever increasing number of clients to Palma, This, combined with a much milder winter season than the rest of Spain, France, Italy or Croatia means that working conditions and life in Palma is just more enjoyable during refits that can easily last several months.

Pictures by K&M Maritime.

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