Penguin launches new range of air cooled galley fridge freezers

In response to recent demand, Penguin Refrigeration has developed a new range of galley fridge freezers specifically designed for large yachts and superyachts. As one of the world’s leading suppliers of galley and catering equipment, Penguin has stated how space is a premium on any yacht and in their experience, the volume of fridge and freezer space in most superyachts is too small to properly cater for guests and crew.

According to Penguin Refrigeration, in many instances the galley fridge freezers supplied will be large domestic units such as Miele, Subzero or Whirlpool and while these units work well in a domestic kitchen environment, they are severely tested when put into a sea or ocean going yacht.

Penguin also claims the combination of glass and perspex interior fittings and accessories found in standard domestic fridges and freezers are simply not up to the rigors of life at sea.  Added to this the doors do not have positive latches, relying solely on the magnetic door seal to keep the door closed when underway. A lack of fiddle upstands on the shelves also make these standard fridges and freezers difficult or even dangerous to access when underway. Another point made by Penguin Refrigeration, was that the condensers supplied on this type of domestic fridge freezer are designed to be fitted in well ventilated kitchens not the confined space of a yachts hot and humid galley.

An alternative solution favoured in many galleys of larger superyachts and megayachts is to fit commercial fridges and freezers built by companies like Foster and Williams.  Penguin states while these commercial galley fridge freezers are designed to work in tougher commercial environments they are still not optimised for a yachts galley – no fiddles or upstands on the shelves, or locking catches on the doors. 

However, Penguin Refrigeration has claimed that its galley fridge freezers are built specifically for the marine environment. Penguin’s designers have addressed all the challenges that a truly marine galley fridge freezer must overcome to produce a range of fridge freezers which will fit directly into the existing space of the most popular domestic brands, including Whirlpool, Miele and Subzero or the commercial Foster, Williams or other brands of commercial refrigeration. 

Key features of Penguin’s galley fridge freezers include: Precise LED digital temperature control, low profile condensing sets fitted above (230v 50/60Htz & self-venting), brushed stainless steel exterior with slam catch closure, optional interior accessories and more.

To see the full range of cabinets available go to the Galley Fridge Freezers section of the superyacht products page on the Penguin website.

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