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Pinmar Introduce New Method of Spray Painting Yachts

Pinmar USA and Dania Cut Superyacht Repair Facility are proud to announce that they are the first yacht painting company and shipyard to have an alternate method of spray painting for yachts inside temporary enclosures, afloat and on the hard, using state of the art detection equipment for the constant monitoring of the conditions within these enclosures, approved by the local Fire Marshal.


The issue facing the industry for the spraying of yachts inside these temporary membrane enclosures is that the current Florida Fire Prevention Codes and local fire codes did not specifically address spray painting in such enclosures. The lack of these codes created fire code compliance issues statewide for business owners, as well as local Fire Marshals where there is a need to spray using this method due to the size of yachts painted.


Pinmar and Dania Cut, being leaders in the industry and concerned with safety as well as the quality of their work, took the initiative to hire accredited fire engineers to work with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency Services Fire Prevention Bureau’s Fire Marshal Robert Arrighetti, for the development of an alternate method of spraying in these temporary enclosures in compliance with state and local Fire Codes. These engineers were able to develop accurate reports to analyze the fire risks, address these risks with necessary monitoring and ventilation and formulate a procedure for spraying that met or exceeded the intent of the current Fire Code, and was accepted for approval by the local Fire Marshal.


Broward Sheriff’s Fire Marshal Robert Arrighetti is "pleased to have had the opportunity to work with professional, and diligent companies such as Pinmar and Dania Cut, as well as their engineers, in order to work corporately for a positive resolution to this industry wide issue"


Jason Harrington, the Yard manager, is committed to making sure that all regulations and rules within this approved alternate method of spraying specifically for Dania Cut are adhered to by every contractor that works in the yard.


John Mead's from Virgin Yachts has also assisted in the process in order to comply with the regulations.


Pinmar, the world's leading yacht painting company, is proud that Pinmar USA has not only proven that it remains at the forefront of quality, but is also able to adapt to all the local regulations, improving the working relationship between the local Fire Authority and shipyard, and ultimately creating a more secure industry.


Peter Brown, Global General manager, currently based in Fort Lauderdale, has been working closely with Dania Cut Superyacht Repair, making sure that the knowledge and experience that Pinmar has amassed over the past 35 years is properly applied, to provide a safe environment where large yachts can be painted to the high Pinmar standard.


Chip McPherson, Owner of Dania Cut is "pleased that his team has been able to satisfy the local authorities, making sure that all works are carried out to the highest standard and in compliance to the authorities’ requests, making Dania Cut the deep water location of choice in Fort Lauderdale."


For more information please contact Pinmar.

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